How to Mount Power Strips to a Desk

If you’re tired of dealing with tangled wires under your desk, mounting a power strip to your desk might be the solution you need. Not only does it make cable management easier, but it can also enhance the aesthetics of your workspace.

In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of mounting power strips to a desk, the best location to mount them, and various methods for mounting them, including the most recommended method of using double-sided tape. By the end of this article, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to mount your power strip to your desk and improve your workspace.

Best Double-Sided Tapes for Mounting Power Strips

When it comes to mounting power strips, using the right double-sided tape is crucial for a secure and long-lasting hold. One of the top choices for this task is the 3M Double-Sided Tape. This adhesive tape is designed to adhere to a variety of surfaces, including walls, glass, tile, plastic, metal, and wood. It features a strong and secure hold that can withstand everyday use, making it perfect for mounting power strips.

Another great option is the VELCRO Brand Sticky Back Tape Roll with Adhesive. This tape is suitable for smooth surfaces and features a strong adhesive that can help organize your home, school, or office. It is easy to use, as you can cut the tape to the desired length, peel off the protective backing, and firmly press it to activate the adhesive.

Overall, choosing the right double-sided tape for mounting power strips can make all the difference in keeping your electronics organized and secure.

Benefits of Mounting Power Strips to a Desk

Time Saver

Mounting power strips to a desk can save time by making it easier to remove or add devices to the power strip. Leaving extension cords lying around can lead to tangled wires, which can make adjusting the setup a lengthy and challenging task. Keeping cables organized and power strips mounted on the desk allows for quick and easy access to devices and saves time.

Beneficial for Mental Health

Having a clean and clutter-free workspace can have a positive impact on mental health. An organized desk provides more space to work and can reduce stress levels. A cluttered desk can make one feel anxious and overwhelmed. Clearing the desk and organizing cables can help alleviate stress and improve mental wellbeing.

Efficiency / Productivity Enhancement

Mounting power strips to a desk can increase productivity by reducing distractions and creating a clutter-free workspace. Studies have shown that humans are more imaginative and work better in a clutter-free space. By eliminating unnecessary materials and distractions, productivity can be enhanced.

Aesthetically Looks Better

Mounting power strips to a desk can improve the aesthetic value of the workspace. Power strips can reduce the visual appeal of the workspace, and attaching them to the desk can solve this problem. A neat cable management system is essential for a gaming setup or an office space. Fixing the power strip to an area where it cannot be seen can give the desk a better look.

Freedom of Movement

Mounting power strips to a desk allows for freedom of movement. If the desk needs to be moved to a different location, the power strip can easily be disconnected and reconnected to a different wall outlet. If the power strip were mounted to a wall, holes would need to be drilled, and it would be challenging to move the power strip to a new location.

Ease of Mounting

Mounting power strips to a desk is easier than mounting them to a wall. Double-sided tape may not be as sturdy on drywall as it would be on a wooden desk surface. Most other methods used to fix a power strip to a wall require drilling holes, which may not be suitable for all. Mounting power strips to a desk allows for easy and sturdy installation without damaging the desk.

Proper Functioning of Electric Standing Desk

Mounting power strips to a desk can ensure the proper functioning of an electric standing desk. Wires cluttered on the desk can prevent the table from rising or lowering correctly. The desk also has a power cord that needs to be connected to ensure functionality. Mounting a power strip in a good spot on the desk can save the trouble of keeping wires away from critical areas on the table that make it rise.

Best Location on a Desk to Mount a Power Strip

Desk With Drawers

For desks with drawers, the best location to mount a power strip is behind the drawers. This location provides ample surface area to hide cables and keep them out of sight. Additionally, all wires on the desk can intersect at this location, eliminating the need to stretch a wire to reach the power strip. This location is ideal for connecting a monitor, CPU, and other chargers or portable devices to the ports.

Desk Without Drawers

Mounting a power strip on a desk without drawers can be a bit more challenging. There are essentially two locations to install an extension cord: under the table or on the backside surface.

Mounting the power strip on the side of the desk is convenient as wires can be run through the inner edges of the table, keeping them out of sight. This location also provides a path for the wires to travel towards the wall outlet. However, if the table’s edges are fragile, the only option is to mount the power strip underneath the table. This location may not be ideal as the power cord and wires may be visible from a distance.

Overall, the best location to mount a power strip on a desk depends on the desk’s profile, size, and office space. While desks with drawers provide more surface area to hide cables, desks without drawers can still provide suitable locations to mount a power strip.

How to Mount Power Strips to a Desk

Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tapes are an easy and convenient method to mount a power strip to your desk. The installation process is simple. Get a high-quality double-sided tape and attach it underneath the extension cord. Find the position you want the power strip to be fixed and stick it to the surface. Any good quality tape won’t come off quickly and will last for months, unless you have a lot of heavy cords. Changing it each month is an effortless task and will take seconds at most.

Velcro Strips

Velcro strips are cheap and easy-to-install accessories that can help mount a power strip to a desk. Cut the lengthy velcro strip to a size that you can attach to the power strip. Using the adhesive present on the back of the velcro strip, stick it to the extension cord. Stick another velcro strip of appropriate length to your desired spot on the desk. Attach the power cord to the velcro strip on the table. These are advantageous if you frequently add or remove wires from the power strip. The velcro strap lets you slide the extension wire right off and make necessary adjustments. However, a velcro strip might not hold heavy power bricks or numerous cords, which weigh a lot. Moreover, it also gets difficult to move the Power Strip mounting location.

Using Screws

Using screws is the most conventional and sturdiest method to fix a power strip to the desk. Two of these are drilled in your desk, providing a hook for the extension cord to attach on. Stick a masking tape under the power strip. Using a pen, make holes in the areas the keyhole hooks are present. Remove the tape and stick it to the place you want your power strip under the desk. Drill the screws through the masking tape in the holes marked. Remove the tape and hook your power strip to the screws. This method may not suit everyone if you don’t want to damage your table or damage it by drilling holes.


Baskets are strong and very durable. You won’t have to worry about your power strip falling off frequently. Most baskets are attached using screws. Hold the basket underneath the desk at the location you want to attach it. Drill the screws through allocated holes on the basket. Ensure the basket is secure and store your power strip in it. An added benefit of these is putting away other bulky power bricks and keeping them out of sight.

Zip Ties

Zip ties can be used on a horizontal surface. Zip tie mounts can be applied beneath the surface using their adhesive. You can then run the zip ties around the power strip and through the applied mounts. The strip is secured and won’t come off even if vigorously shaken. This method is best for people who rarely change the power cords. The zip ties can be cut off when you want to make adjustments. These are also relatively inexpensive and are as strong as most other accessories on this list. The only downside is if the glue sticking the mounts to the desk wears off. Make sure you read reviews on a product before getting it to avoid being stuck with low-quality zip ties.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, mounting power strips to your desk is a simple and effective way to keep cables organized and out of sight. One of the best alternatives is to use double-sided tape to hook the power cord directly to the table. This method allows for easy accessibility and the flexibility to add or remove cables as needed. However, there are other accessories available that may better suit individual preferences and desk types.

For more information on optimizing your workspace, be sure to check out our other articles on fitting two monitors on a small desk, fixing a wobbly desk on carpet, and preventing dust on your desk. And if you have any feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Desks Guide.

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