Cable Management for Standing Desk Setups

Standing Desk Cable Management Tips

Eliminate Cords

One of the easiest ways to simplify your standing desk cable management is to switch to wireless devices. Bluetooth versions of peripherals like your mouse, keyboard, and charger can help reduce the number of cords on your desk and create a cleaner look.

Conceal What You Can

To keep your desk looking tidy, consider attaching accessories like headphones, SD card readers, or even your surge protector to the underside of your desk with command strips. This will keep them handy but out of sight.

Install a Charging Hub

A USB hub and power port on the desktop can make it easier to access charging options. The Standing Desk’s Pluto power port has two power outlets and two USB outlets to simplify your desk.

Plan for How You Use Your Desk

Before deciding on a cable management solution, consider the number and size of cables you have, from monitor cables to phone charger cables. If you have a pneumatic standing desk with casters, you’ll want to be able to unplug from the wall and move as your casters allow.

Start Simple

Start with a simple solution to see if it meets your needs before deciding how much wire management you need. You can always add grommet holes to your surface or modesty panels later on. It’s important to have the flexibility to change things as you add more cables or change them.

Use a Standing Desk Cable Management Snake

The Standing Desk offers a cable management system that magnetically attaches to your desk frame and cleanly disguises multiple cords at once. This flexible solution holds multiple wires and creates a clean look. Available in black, white, or silver, this vertical standing desk cable management option is ideal for plugging into a floor surge protector.

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