Does Standing at Your Desk Burn Calories?

Stand More, Lose More

Many office workers sit in chairs for long hours, leading to health problems such as obesity. Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular as a healthier alternative. Standing burns more calories than sitting, and it also improves posture. A study found that standing for just 30 minutes per hour can reduce the risk of obesity by 2.5%. Therefore, using a standing desk can be an effective way to combat the rise of obesity rates in the U.S. and promote healthier lifestyles.

Does Standing Burn Calories?

Standing does indeed burn calories as it requires energy to activate large muscles to maintain balance and posture. This muscle activation results in calorie burn. Additionally, standing increases the likelihood of fidgeting or moving about, which further contributes to calorie burn. Scientific evidence supports the notion that standing burns calories.

How Many Calories Does Standing Burn?

Standing burns more calories compared to sitting or lying down. On average, a person burns around 60-120 calories per hour while sitting and 100-200 calories per hour while standing. Studies comparing traditional sitting desks to standing desks have shown that standing burns more calories. This increased calorie burn can lead to extra calorie expenditure and greater energy expenditure throughout the day.

What Influences Caloric Expenditure?

Factors such as height, weight, and age can all impact the number of calories burned while standing. These variables can affect metabolic equivalents and the amount of calories burned during physical activity, making it important to consider them when calculating caloric expenditure.

Can You Really Lose Weight at Work?

There are several ways to increase calorie expenditure even if your work is mainly stationary. Taking the stairs, parking further away from the building, or walking on your lunch break are all ways to move more and lose weight. A standing desk that encourages movement is another effective way to burn calories.

Move More: Burn Calories While Standing

Sitting all day can lead to weight gain, but there are ways to increase caloric burn while working at a desk. Consider using a height adjustable desk and incorporating physical activity into your routine. Some options include:

  • Standing desk exercises
  • Using a balance board or balance ball chair
  • Fidgeting or stretching throughout the day
  • Engaging core muscles with a stool

These small changes can make a big difference in burning calories while working.

Adjustable Desks from The Standing Desk

The Standing Desk offers a range of pneumatic and electric height adjustable desks in various sizes and colors. Each model burns roughly the same amount of calories, so choose the one that best suits your space, body, and preferences.

Pneumatic Desks

The Klöud

The Klöud is a pneumatic standing desk that features a weight adjustable system capable of lifting up to 150 lbs. This desk is perfect for individuals who require a large surface area for multiple monitors and tend to keep a heavy load on the desk. The Klöud comes in two surface sizes, 60” and 48” width, and is available in four different surface colors and three base colors.

The Lüften

The Lüften is a pneumatic standing desk that comes with a 60” wide surface, making it ideal for people who need extra space for a larger monitor. It is available in four surface colors and three base colors.

The Ändern Pneumatic

The Ändern Pneumatic is a slightly smaller pneumatic standing desk that is ideal for small spaces or for people who use a laptop or a modestly sized monitor. The Ändern is available in three colors for the base and four for the surface. It comes in two surface sizes, 48” or 40” width.

Electric Desks

The Oben

The Oben is a high-quality electric sit-stand desk that boasts a powerful brushless motor for quiet operation and low maintenance. This desk is the largest and most heavy-duty option available, with the ability to hold up to 250 lbs. It is available in two surface sizes (60” and 48” width) and four colors. The base is also available in three different colors, allowing for customization to fit any workspace.

The Ändern Electric

The Ändern Electric is a great option for those with limited space. This electric desk is ideal for a laptop or smaller monitor, and can hold up to 150 lbs. It is available in two surface sizes (48” and 40” width) and comes in the same color choices as the Oben, with three base colors and four surface colors. Despite its smaller size, the Ändern Electric is still a sturdy desk with a single steel column frame.

Electric Desks

Electric desks are a robust and durable option for those who need to lift heavy loads with ease. These desks use electric power to raise and lower the desk surface, making them some of the strongest sit-stand desks available. The brushless motor ensures quiet operation, making them a great choice for any workspace.

Overall, the Oben and Ändern Electric desks are both excellent options for those who need a sturdy and reliable electric desk. With their customizable color options and powerful motors, they are sure to meet the needs of any workspace.

Burn Calories at Work with The Standing Desk

Switching to a standing desk can help increase movement and burn extra calories while working on your desk job. It is a great way to stay healthy and active, even when you are on the phone or typing.

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